The Next Summer (Summer Boys #2) –Hailey Abbott

Next Summer (Summer Boys, #2)

The Next Summer

Hailey Abbott
Scholastic Paperbacks
Pub Date: June 1 2005




My rating:
4 star book


The cousins are back at Pebble beach for another summer of romantic struggle. Each cousin has their own feelings to occupy them during this stay away from home. Jamie is not there with her cousins because she is taking a summer course. Beth is here without George, her boyfriend since last summer. Will they survive this summer apart? Ella is hell-bent on giving up her bad girl ways, but will she manage to keep this promise to herself? Kelsi has nearly come to terms about what happened last year, so will she find a new summer boy?


Just like the previous book I really liked this one. The story isn’t just a light summer romance but there are definitely bigger themes playing here. The next summer really builds on what has happened last year and it’s pretty clear that things are very different now and that the girls have matured as well. All of this led me to like this book at least as much as Summer Boys, perhaps just that little bit more because it was just that tad less juvenile.


Once again we follow the different cousins on their own path but I felt that there was a bit more overlap between the four which is a good thing in my eye. It connects the different storylines more than just family connections. I did feel a stronger connection with each of the girls in this instalment in the series, and that’s never a bad thing. No matter how wrong you think their choices are, you can still empathise with them and that’s always great in a book.


Other than that I don’t really have all that much to say about this book. I like it and will probably pick up the next book in the series.

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