Summer boys – Hailey Abbott

Summer Boys (Summer Boys, #1)

Summer boys

Hailey Abbott
Scholastic Paperbacks
Pub Date: June 1 2004



My rating:
4 star book

Four cousins go to Pebble Beach during summer, just like they do every year. Jamie is going back to the boy she fell in love with last year and is thrilled to see him again. But sometimes it feels a bit one-sided. Ella starts crushing on Peter, who just happens to be dating her sister, Kelsi. And Beth finds herself feeling mixed emotions about her best friend George and the new girl he might have a crush on.


I like this book as a summer read, it definitely starts out pretty light. But what I really like about this book is that things do get a bit more than just the “girl meets guy and falls in love”.There’s definitely more to this book which is definitely good. I also loved having the different storylines, and the totally different summers the girls are having. The storylines also came together at times and I thought this was very nice.


The book works with three major plotlines (Ella’s also covers Kelsi’s) and all three are different enough to be next to each other without giving of the same vibe. I liked all three of the plotlines, though I connected more with some cousins than others, I definitely felt affectionate towards them all. All of the plotlines felt realistic and I could actually imagine them happening.


Every character was definitely a clearly outlined person and has their own struggle to deal with this summer. Each of the cousins and their actions and interactions felt very realistic. As mentioned above I could imagine this story taking place very easily and that can be nice. But the book was pretty short and seeing as it was split between the three storylines I felt that I didn’t fully know every character. But seeing as this is part of a series, I’m sure we’ll get to know everyone better later on.


If you are looking for a fun summer read with some serious undertones, pick this up next time you’re going to the beach.

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