My book pet peeves

So, you guessed it, it’s not a review today. I will be discussing things that I can find annoying in books. Maybe you’ll feel the same way, maybe you won’t. Feel free to tell me either way. I’m going to be pretty general here, it will be about pretty much every aspect of a book.

  1. You loved the first book in the series and the second one as well but the third book just didn’t do it justice. I really dislike this, not just because of the ending that is not what I wanted it to be, but also because when I look back on this series I will think less of all the books instead of just the last one.
  2. The book was great, the movie not so much. This is sort of the same phenomenon as above, because I will dislike the book a little because of its movie. Though I have to be fair and say this is only on a superficial level, once I really think about it I do realize I love the book. But still, it’s sad.
  3. These days everything seems to need sequels and be part of trilogies or something. I don’t mind a good series every now and again, I get really into them from time to time even. But it just feels as if stand-alone books don’t happen as much anymore and it makes me sad. because sometimes it’s great to read a book and have the story be finished in that one book. It’s an art to be able to write a bunch of books about the same thing and keep it interesting at the same time, but it’s also an art to be able to tell a complex and well-written story in just one book.
  4. Cover changes half-way through a series. Why is this a thing that happens? All of the books are a certain size, a certain style and suddenly, there is the last instalment. It looks nothing like the previous books and instead of short and thick it’s long and skinny. That’s just a pity, especially if the original concept art was incredible.
  5. When characters do something extremely out of character for no reason. The writer is the boss as to whom their characters are, so why would they write it this way?  This is also a reason why I’m not a huge fan of fanfiction. So often it just doesn’t concur with who these people are in the canon.
  6. I’m really not a fan of insta-love. It’s just not believable. I mean, okay, in certain situations/universes when there is certain magic or whatever involved, I might be able to go for it. But in a world like ours insta-love is not a thing that happens, and if something like it happens, it flies over very fast. So why would this be good in a book?
  7. When the writer keeps using a certain set of words to describe actions/people etc. be creative or at least describe a different aspect of these people. Yes I read the fifty shades trilogy and yes I’m looking at you EL James
  8. Stories that go on much longer than they had to. If I’m reading over twenty pages in which nothing of interest happens or is being told, they don’t belong in the book. It completely disrupts the flow of the book.
  9. A general bad flow in the book. Just when you get into the story it just slows to a stand still again and this on repeat. No thanks.
  10. Incomplete plotlines. If you have started the plotline, please finish it. Don’t just leave us wondering what happened to that girl you met on the street corner having a stroke. We want to know what happens.

3 thoughts on “My book pet peeves

  1. A really good post may I say :) Your first point applies to many books I’ve read. The sequel never really grabs your attention as much as the first did >< Movie adaptations of books are rarely great quality e.g. Eragon. #7 – you are good to have read 50 Shades because where I used to work, I picked up the book, took a look at the writing and put it down straight away. By the way, I wrote a post about my own fiction pet peeves on my blog so I hope you will read and comment with your own!

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