Beautiful Creatures – Kami Garcia , Margie Stohl

Beautiful Creatures

Kami Garcia , Margie Stohl
Little Brown
Pub Date: Dec 1 2009




My rating:
5 star book

Ethan lives in Gatlin, a small Southern town where everyone know everyone and nobody has any real secrets. Then Lena Duchennes moves to town and she is unlike anything anyone has ever seen in this little town. While Ethan never wanted anything other than escape from this little town, now he might get a reason to stay now that he is getting closer to Lena. Because she is anything but an ordinary girl with a very special family as well.


There was a lot of hype surrounding this book (and the rest of the series) plus soon the movie will be coming out (watch the trailer), so saying that I was excited about reading this book is a huge understatement. On the other hand I was also a little apprehensive because sometimes this can turn out a big disappointment. But this book did not, it lived up to the hype and just overtook it completely. I was positively charmed by it, and the really good part to being late to the party is that I don’t have to wait for the next books to come out!


I already feel that I’m going to be having a hard time staying away from the spoilers, but I will do it nonetheless (just do some more backtracking). The storyline, I loved it. Just completely loved it. It’s a great universe, I loved the concept, LOVE LOVE LOVE. I could never put this book down, I just had to keep on reading.


The narrator was Ethan and it was nice to have a male narrator. It was also very believable and it was nicely refreshing to not have a YA narrated by a girl. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, but a wind of change has never hurt anyone, right? I liked the main characters, Ethan and Lena, but I also really had a thing for the “smaller roles”. The three aunts were amazing for one, I just loved them and their Southern vibe! I could hear them talking in my head, and they just cracked me up. I loved Amma and Macon and Link. I loved hating the girls at school. They were actual people instead of ghosts of people, which is always good for supporting characters.


This book had such a nice flow, it was always just fast paced enough to keep on reading, to keep wanting more. And at the same time it did take enough time to show things instead of tell them. For me the best thing about the writing was the Southern vibe that radiated out of the book. It was fairly subtle, but I loved it! It took me back to when I used to live in the South myself. It made me miss my own little Southern town.


I can’t wait to read the next book! Though it won’t be the next book I read because I don’t want streams of reviews of one and the same series clogging up the blog. But soon I will be reading and reviewing the second book!



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