Speechless – Hannah Harrington


Hannah Harrington
Pub Date: Feb 1 2013




My rating:
5 star book

Chelsea Knot is a gossip and one of the worst in the school at that. But when she shares a secret and someone else nearly gets killed because of it, she knows she must stop it. And what better way than to take a vow of silence. That way she can’t say the wrong things anymore. But even without speaking Chelsea’s situation becomes very unpleasant.


Obviously I really liked the book, seeing as I gave it 5 stars. I thought it was a very good subject and it was well written. The characters were believable and it was just a very good read. I read this book pretty fast and that was just due to the nice flow and wanting to know how Chelsea’s vow would end and why.


There are lots of moral themes in this book, but they weren’t right up in your face about it. The main job of the book was definitely tell a good story, and yes there was definitely some morals in the back, but then again, when aren’t there? These moralities are very up to date as well, because recently gossiping and spreading news has become so easy courtesy of all the social media. This book definitely gave us a reason to think about what it can do to a person’s life if we abuse this “power”.


The characters were a lot of fun. I found them to be very relatable, we’ve all had these people in our class or at least in our year. There was a good mix of characters as well and they all had enough depth to them. I also really liked that they often brought some humour to the page to brighten up the book. I especially liked Chelsea’s parents, they both had a very different approach to her vow, and it just showed us two sides of the same coin (or parental unit).


Writing wise this book just flowed really well. There were never any really big differences in the flow which can sometimes be a a sore point for me. I got through this book pretty fast and I thought that was definitely a good thing for this book, because it just hits home that little bit harder when you read it in a very short period of time. The feelings just get a little bit stronger because you feel more connected. I also liked that I didn’t feel that there were any unnecessary or boring parts in the book. I have this sometimes and it just really makes it that less enjoyable for me.


Thursday I will be reviewing Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margie Stohl, if this title doesn’t ring a bell, check out the trailer for the upcoming movie based on this book!

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