Rapunzel Untangled – Cindy C Bennett

Rapunzel Untangled

Cindy C Bennett
Cedar Fort
Pub Date: Feb 12 2013





My rating:
4 star book


Rapunzel has only ever seen the rooms in which she lives and the little part of the world she can see from her window. She has been kept inside for 17 years because of an immuno-deficiency. But then she discovers Facebook and all the wonders that it holds. One person in particular draws her interest, Fane. He ends up changing her world completely, but how will it end?


Rapunzel was always my favourite fairytale, so this is not a book I could resist. I really liked the retelling of this story in a modern day setting while it still stayed true to the original story enough for it to feel very familiar. Though I love this story I have to say that I wasn’t sure what to expect of this book, because it’s very hard to change the story enough for it to be different and yet feel the same. The author definitely managed to do this very well in my opinion.


I really liked how the storyline was adapted to fit into modern day society. The disease is a great remedy to keep Rapunzel inside and Facebook is a great way to get her in touch with the rest of the world as well. The dialogue and the surroundings felt very current and up to date. This made it fun and easy to read. But I also love how sometimes certain classic things slipped into the story, which was definitely a must, seeing as they were so strongly present in the original story.


Rapunzel and Fane both seemed very genuine and wholesome characters. They definitely had the depth I look for in characters. At times our heroine seems slightly odd, but of course that is to be expected if you have been living in isolation from the world for such a long time. Rapunzel’s mother was a bit “flatter” when it comes to how she was portrayed in the book. But of course she plays a less pertinent role in the book and we do get more insight in her thoughts as the book comes to an end.


The only bad thing I have to say about this book is that it could have been 20 pages shorter and it would have been better. I just felt like it dragged on that tiny bit too long. Let me repeat that, just a tiny bit. The ending doesn’t need to be shorter or anything, but perhaps some things could be a bit more concise in the middle part somewhere? I know what it’s there for, but I think it would have still done the job very well with a couple of pages less.

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