Out of love – Hilma Wolitzer

Out of Love

Out of Love

Hilma Wolitzer
Open Road
Pub Date: Dec12 2012






My rating:
3 star book

Teddy lives with her mother after her parents get a divorce. yet she doesn’t want to believe that this is the end and that her parents will get back together. they just need to realise they love each other, right? But she is on her way to find out that things might just be more complex than she wants them to be.


I have to say that I was slightly underwhelmed by this book. I have heard many good things about this author and I was really looking forward to reading it. But then it turned out to be a bit less than I had hoped and expected.


The storyline is my problem with this book. I’m not saying the story isn’t good, it is. It’s just that for me it didn’t feel like there was any sort of real climax in the story, that one point in the story which you know the book sort of revolves around. For me there just wasn’t that sort of thing in the book, it felt like a beautifully hilly scene, but no mountain in sight. And I really like to to have one of those big scenes somewhere in the book.


The characters were very well written and they definitely seemed real, most of all her mother. I also really loved the relationships between the characters in the book, they were just really great. The interactions the characters had felt like they genuinely could have happened. This is definitely something that I liked about the book.


The writing was very good, it absolutely was a nice read. I could just fly right through without any struggle. The writing had a nice flow to it, there was a pretty steady pace throughout the whole book. I definitely see why many good things have been said about the author, because she can definitely write very well.


As I said, my problem lies mainly with the storyline that didn’t have that one vital point for me. But I found a lot of positive reviews for other books online by Hilma Wolitzer (mostly on “an available man”) so perhaps that’s something I could read sometime?

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