Too bright to hear too loud to see – Juliann Garey

Too bright to hear too loud to see

Juliann Garey
Soho Press
Pub Date: Dec 26 201


My rating:
5 star book

One day Greyson leaves his wife and daughter, finally giving free reign to his bipolar disorder. This means we get to experience some of his manic highs and suicidal lows. The book follows three storylines: Greyson back when he was a child and growing up with a father who also suffered from bipolar disease; the things that happen after he has left his wife and daughter behind; and the time Greyson spends in the clinic, receiving 12 rounds of shock-therapy.


This was a book that definitely blew me away. I didn’t really know what to expect going into this book, but I really liked it. It starts out with that great title, which I absolutely adore, and just the writing, the descriptions, the characters, the three storylines… This was just really good on so many levels, I just can’t stop gushing about how much I liked this book and have been talking about it to all of my friends.

As previously mentioned the book follows three plotlines and each of them had its own merits. Together they just gave so much depth to Greyson, but they also stood very well on their own. Every one of the storylines was very interesting to read about. The storyline of him as a child just how much a person is shaped by their childhood. Then there was the storyline that followed Greyson on his adventures which were very entertaining at times but also very horrible at others. And of course there were the parts that talked about his time in the hospital which just made it complete.

In this book there was just one main characters and some small side characters. Greyson’s character felt so real, especially because of the depth we through the different storylines. And on the side we have his wife, Ellen; his daughter , Willa; and then some other people Greyson meets along the way. In a way these other people didn’t really get that much attention in the book but that really didn’t bother me, because the story wasn’t really about them.

I absolutely loved the writing but at times I hated it just a little. This might sound weird but it just pulled me into the story so strongly and especially at the times where Greyson was suffering from a bipolar episode of the suicidal variety, it just made me so uncomfortable. Because I nearly started feeling the things written on that page and that was already horrible, and then comes the thought that in reality it must be a hundred times worse, and that’s just not something you want to imagine or live through. I think that’s really one of the strong points of the book, just how well it makes you feel a disorder likes this that seems so unfathomable when you hear about it. I don’t think I ever got close to understanding this disorder until I read this book.


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