Rape girl – Alina Klein

Rape girl

Alina Klein
Pub Date: Aug 15 2012


My rating:
4 star book

Rape girl is the story about a girl, Valerie, who becomes the victim of rape. This was not at all what she had expected to be the turn-out of the party she threw in her house. Pretty soon everyone knows what happened, or at least they think they know what happened. Valerie has to face her feelings as to what has happened on top of how pretty much everyone around her is treating her badly.


The story line is okay, it’s not overtly refreshing/spectacular, it’s not something I couldn’t have come up with myself. And it’s not a big mystery either, you can gather the biggest part of the story by the title and the short synopsis of the book. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t interesting. So yes, the plot was a bit predictable, but this did not make the book bad. I did like the book!


The characters in the book were very good. They felt very real, especially the bullies at school. I think it did a great job of showing how people can be so weird about handling these kind of things and they react in very unexpected ways. Especially of how this is still a taboo and more than some people still seem to think the girl brings rape upon herself. It was really hard to read about how people just didn’t believe her. But I also like Valerie and how she comes to certain realisations throughout the book. The book spans a pretty short period, yet Valerie drastically changes.


The writing itself is fit for a teen audience, and this is definitely a good thing seeing as the book is written for teens. It didn’t use too many complex words and sentence structures, it was a very easy read in general. It also didn’t go too slow, it was a pretty quick paced book. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I really like how the writer didn’t just stop to have these tear jerking moments every now and again. there is nothing I dislike more in books than when the whole story needs to come to a standstill to have a good heart to heart for a couple of pages. this rarely happens in real life, so why should it happen in a book? The world doesn’t stop spinning just because you’re down or you have just gone through something horrible. And I love how the book portrays this.


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