Cityglitter -Carla Caruso




Carla Caruso

Penguin Books Australia

Pub Date: Sep 15 2012




My rating:

3 star book


Christelle is a twenty something living in Sydney. She has a job, she has friends and she has a secret. A secret that will get harder to keep as she is falling hard for her new boss. And to complicate matters her sister shows up in town and might just ruin everything.


This was a very entertaining book. I read the book in one sitting and had a lot of fun all the while. For me this is usually the type of book that I like to bring to read by the side of the pool or on a beach. But even though I didn’t read this in either of those situations, it didn’t bother me in the least.


Truthfully the plot wasn’t really a shocker,  for me it was pretty clear what was going to happen the whole book through. Nothing really out of the blue happened and there weren’t any strange plot twists or anything like that. And I do admit that I usually really like it when things take an unexpected turn in a book, yet it still didn’t bother me very much that I knew where this story was going. Sometimes it’s nice to read a book like this, comforting in the storyline and such.


I liked the characters, they definitely seemed like they could be real, within the limits of the book of course. I liked the interactions between Christelle and her sister a lot, though at times I did find that Christelle was very forgiving, seeing how mad she always was at first. but then again, that’s sisterly love right?


All in all I cannot tell you that this book was unlike anything I’d ever read, but it’s definitely good for a holiday read or just a quick read when you are waiting on another book to come out. 

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