A clash of Kings -George R. R. Martin (#2 in A song of Ice And Fire)

So the epic fantasy story continues. Now the Seven Kingdoms have indeed fallen apart and the story follows who is trying to claim what part of the land. On the other side of the sea, Danaerys has not forgotten about the Seven Kingdoms either and is still adamant that she will rule them one day, now she just needs the means to get her goal. The Night’s watch sets out an expedition into the lands north of the wall where trouble is brewing.


In this book some new characters were introduced, each with their own chapters. I thought this was really neat, because it gives us a wider scope into the story and enables us to follow the story from more perspectives. As certain characters die, it would otherwise have become a very one-sided view after a while. I thought the new characters were okay, though none really touched my heart as some of the earlier characters have done. But the new characters certainly have interesting stories to tell, so let them be heard.


The storyline in this book is still amazing, there are so many plot twists that it definitely keeps the book interesting and hard to put down. It’s also very hard to predict what will happen sometimes, just because you know that so many plot twists have already been in the book. You just start getting really suspicious about anything that happens in the book. Or at least I do. But I rather like that, because it challenges me to think differently about how the story will evolve and it makes me very happy if I get it right, which rarely happens if I’m being honest.


The writing is still beautifully descriptive and definitely deserves to be mentioned. But it also should be mentioned that sometimes I really got a bit bored of reading about this lord here and that lord there and this sigil in these colours and that sigil in those colours. I mean, it’s not as if I’ll remember these things anyway and if it would become important, I’m pretty sure it will be repeated. So,, to my shame I admit that at times i skipped across the paragraphs that just named names or house colours and things like that. Sometimes I really wonder why those things are in the book, seeing as he clearly has a healthy word count, even without the namedropping.


I will be reading the third book soon because I am really hooked on this series and I really want to find out what happens next in Westeros. But I will not start reading it right away because frankly these books are really long and sometimes I like to alternate with a quick read.

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