Monsters – Gareth Edwards

A couple of years ago an alien cargo ship suffered problems over the area around the US – Mexican border that caused the aliens to fall out. Since the incident this zone has become infected and infested with aliens. In this movie we follow Andrew Kaulder, a journalist who is trying to bring his boss’s daughter home, which involves crossing the the infected zone.

This movie was categorized as a sci-fi horror movie by our digital movie rental service. However, this movie turned out to be a lot less sci-fi horror than imagined. The focus is rarely on the aliens, and there is only one point in the movie that you get to fully see an alien. This movie is more about the story between the people and how this alien infestation is shaping the civilization around it.

There are so many beautiful nature shots in this movie, it’s incredible. I think this is because one of the main characters is a journalist that all these beautiful settings are included in the movie. Some of the amazing shots include those where you can see buildings falling into ruin after being left behind by the people who used to live there. These nature shots are often lit by a sunset which brings such beautiful lighting to the scene.

Yet another way you can tell it’s not really sci-fi horror: the dialogue was often very good. Some very deep subjects were occasionally brought up. I’m not saying this is a dialogue-based movie, but I am saying that the dialogue is too good for just a run of the mill sci-fi horror movie. For instance, there is a moment in which Samantha asks Andrew if he doesn’t mind that his job involves waiting for horrible things to happen. Which he then parries by saying that doctors do the same. They don’t really delve further into this topic, but you can’t really call this light-hearted banter either.

All in all, this was just not the movie I was expecting when we started out, but I did find myself liking it. I’m not saying that it’s a great movie, there were some big flaws in the story at times, but it definitely wasn’t bad. I really just don’t get how this movie made it into the category of sci-fi horror. I get the sci-fi part, but it’s definitely not horror. This movie lasts 94 minutes, and about 15 of those involved on screen aliens and none of those 15 minutes had me scared.

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