New Girl – Elizabeth Meriwether

New girl is the story of Jess who is in need of a new place to live after a bad break-up with her boyfriend (catching him in bed with another is bad right?). She ends up in an apartment with three single men. Nick is the law-school drop-out, Schmidt is a well-earning businessman and Winston is a former professional basketball player. These three guys will have to find a way to cope with all the ways of Jess who is quirky and “adorkable”.

This is a very light series, sometimes it touches on slightly larger themes, but usually the tone of the episodes is quite airy. I like this about the show, because it’s just pure entertainment. To me there is just nothing to think about, no real intrigues, no hard storylines to keep up with etc. There’s just these four people trying to live together. It’s one of those shows you can just come home to after a bad day and just tune out the world with.

I really love the characters in this show! They are just so human and memorable. They all have their very own personality with their own quirks and there is just such a chemistry between them. And even though they are al very different, they just balance each other out.  The actors are great as well because you just believe that they are the characters.

For the rest I just don’t have a lot to say about this series, I just find it really enjoyable and can watch it without thinking. I love that in a TV show at times, because we all have our moments when we just don’t feel like using your brain.


The newest season started airing on : 25 September 2012

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