The Big Bang Theory -Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady

The Big Bang Theory is about four nerds and a girl. The first nerd, Sheldon, has very poor social skills even though he is up to date about the practice of them. The second nerd, Leonard, is coping with big self esteem issues and really doesn’t know how to handle himself well. The third nerd, Howard, thinks he’s smooth with girls but he only very rarely gets lucky. The last nerd, Raj(esh), is very in touch with his feminine side though sadly he is incapable of talking to women. Lastly we have the girl, Penny, who just moved in across the hall from Leonard and Sheldon and is anything but nerdy, she’s a wannabe actress who was always one of the popular girls back at school. In this series we take a peek into the nerd life and what happens when it clashes with the non-nerdy world.

This is a great series. There’s just so much humor here! And I love how the makers link everything to physics, the science in which the nerds are so adept. The story in the episode is sometimes a bit weak, but to me this didn’t feel like a problem. I watch this series for the jokes and for the wonder that is nerd life (with all it’s great references) and not for the compelling storyline. But usually even the storyline is good.

The actors in this show are just so great, they are so good at being these awkward nerds! This is just one of the things that makes this show so good, they can really pull off the nerdy jokes and all the references. It doesn’t sound like a bunch of regular guys trying to be nerdy for fun, it sounds like a bunch of nerds.

The humor in this show is just so amazing, there’s just layer upon layer upon layer in the jokes. I can re-watch episodes and find new things to laugh about, things that I missed the first time around because I was too busy laughing with other things to notice.

What is also really important to me is that these episodes are only twenty minutes long. This is a very good length for this type of show. You can’t be funny for hours on end within the same story line. But you also have to kind of determine the story line and not just have loose jokes flying around. Therefore twenty minutes is just great at holding the middle ground between that. It creates a great balance of story and jokes and just filled with pure awesome.

I am very sad to say that this series too is suffering a bit from “going downhill” syndrome that many other TV shows have. The lesser storylines are mostly found in the latest season, sometimes the jokes are just a bit more random and less tied in with a topic. And while some random jokes might be fun every once in a while, let’s just hope that they find their way back into the story in the next season.

The new season of The Big Bang Theory will start on 27 September 2012. (That’s today everyone!)

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