How I Met Your Mother – Carter Bays, Craig Thomas

This series tells us the story about how Ted meets the woman he finally settles down with and has children with, hence the tittle. But true love is not a thing one can easily find in New York City, even with the help of your friends. Ted is joined by Lilly and Marshall, who have been together since college, Barney who is a notorious player and definitely legendary, and then we have Robin who catches Ted’s eye.

I fell in love with this show from the first time I saw it, it was funny, it was real and let’s not forget that awesome intro. I was sucked into the series right from the beginning and I just wanted to keep on watching. There are many good jokes in here and the main story line is very good. it all starts when you hear Ted start telling his children how he met their mother. This happens in 2030, so there is a time limit within which Ted has to find the woman of his dreams and find a way to win her heart and settle down together.

The humor in this series is very fresh and fun. Some jokes keep coming back for more but mostly with a new twist. The characters are just great. There is Ted, the dependable guy who can’t seem to make a relationship last, Marshall and Lilly who have been dating for a very long time and seem just perfect for each other, Barney is so mysterious and always finding new ways to bed women and then we have Robin who’s Canadian and very endearing in her own way. I absolutely love the kind of friendship these people share with each other and how they relate to each other. Everyone has their flaws but definitely also their strengths, which makes the characters feel very realistic.

Sadly this TV show too is suffering from the “going downhill” syndrome in my eyes. The story lines of the episodes kept getting thinner and thinner. Sometimes it even feels like the makers are trying everything they can to have you as their viewer, which makes me believe that they know that their quality is deteriorating. There is this ridiculous foreshadowing and they just keep at it for so long. I admit I was just watching to see what it eventually turned out to be, but I am very disappointed along the way. I just don’t like having a mystery getting set the first episode only to receive the solution in the last second in the last episode of that same season. That just seems unreasonably long to me and just kind of weak from the writers. If they had great ideas for this show at the start, they surely dried up towards the ending if they start using these techniques.

But I have to admit, cheap as their tricks may be, I will be watching the new season in hope that some other mysteries will get solved soon. In a way I just want it to be over with. How I Met Your Mother had a great run but it’s just getting a bit stale and I’m ready for something new.

The latest season started on 24 September 2012.

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