Grey’s anatomy – Shonda Rhimes

Grey’s anatomy is a show about a group of interns that start working in a hospital. It’s about how they find their own way and make a name for themselves. Along the way we also get to meet the residents in the hospital and look into their private lives. We follow them on their path in life and see all the decisions they make, personally but also professionally. And what would a series about a hospital do without all the cases? We are served with a multitude of different strange and interesting diseases and some very touching stories.

This is a show I have a very double feeling about. I just to really love it and now it’s just letting me down. I still watch it, just because I have the feeling that I have to see how it ends. But it’s been since season 4 that I’ve really been looking forward to every new episode and been excited to see how things will turn out.

I know what I’m about to say will piss off a lot of fans of this show, but I’m just being honest here: I don’t like Meredith. I just really don’t like her. I find her to be very annoying and it just feels like sometimes she doesn’t even want to be happy. This is jut my opinion of course, but it has tainted my experience while watching this show. I really do like Christina, and the friendship she and Meredith have. But I just don’t like Meredith.

Why do I dislike the later seasons? Good question. I really liked Izzy and George, Christina and Burke, and many other things that just weren’t there in the later seasons, and they didn’t have enough worthy replacements. But I also feel that once they weren’t interns anymore, life just got a little more boring at the hospital. And to top it all of, the drama just seems a bit boring as well now, a bit repetitive at times even. And there’s also this overwhelming feeling of “how much bad stuff can happen to one group of people”. I have this with other shows besides this one, for instance I had this with One Tree Hill. To me this is just the feeling that this series could have ended sooner, or the focus could have been shifted to other people. Here it could have shifted to Lexie Grey, it would have fit perfectly, and to me it would have just made sense. Often the downfall in a TV show, is that it’s so good that the makers just want more but the quality starts deteriorating after a while.

So to sum it up: I really loved this show once upon a time but now it has grown a bit stale and it’s just something I watch to pass the time.

The new season (number 9) will be starting on 27 September 2012.


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