Fringe – J. J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci

Fringe is a science fiction crime series about a special task force, centered around Olivia Dunham, within the FBI. This special division is in place to deal with unexplained phenomena. Part of the team is also the slightly deranged scientist Walter Bishop, who has spent a considerable amount of time in a mental institution, and his son Peter Bishop. Together they try to find the truth behind these weird occurrences and try to catch the culprit.

This is a TV show that I will sorely miss after it ends (this will be the last season to air). I absolutely love it. It’s sci-fi but it’s not about aliens. Not that I have anything against aliens, it’s just nice to have some alien-less sci-fi. I love the storylines in the episodes, as well as the plot lines that span multiple episodes and sometimes even a whole season. I really like that feeling when it all comes together after certain things keep popping up. But the separate stories are also very interesting on their own and very enjoyable and intelligent.

The characters in this series are just superb. I absolutely adore Walter with his strange quirks and how he relates to those around him. I love the chemistry that is between Olivia and Peter, but more so the bond that is between Walter and Peter, which is tense at best when the series starts off. These characters don’t feel like means to an end, people to solve interesting crimes. These people have backstory, have personality and just feel so real.

Fringe has never bored me, they keep things interesting by sometimes going to the past, then jumping to the future and adding certain twists. I just feel that it does a great job of keeping me on my toes and wanting more. Never have I felt that things might be slowing down for too long which is great for a crime series that has an interest in character development.

The fifth and final season of Fringe will start on 28 September 2012 and will only consist of 13 episodes (instead of the regular twenty something). Though I am very grateful for these episodes because this show was on the brink of being cancelled in the middle of a very interesting plot line.


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