The Vampire Diaries – Kevin Williamson, Julie Plec

The Vampire Diaries is a series about a girl Elena who falls for a new boy at school. It turns out that he’s a vampire and his intriguing brother is a vampire as well. Suddenly Elena is pulled into a world where many weird things are happening, things get dangerous real fast and to top it off a love triangle starts to form.

If I’m being honest I didn’t quite like the first season as much as the others. This is one of the few shows out there that has gotten better with time in my opinion. At first the focus is a bit too much on high school drama to appeal a lot to me. But after that first season the paranormal took the front seat and the teenage drama was put on the backburner. Things got a lot more intriguing, the characters became better developed, the storyline was a lot fuller and it just made so much sense (even if it is supernatural, things either make sense or they don’t).

The thing I love best about this series is that it all seems so logical. Every time a new plot twist comes I’m like yeah, why didn’t I think that was weird before/why hadn’t I thought about this? I never felt as if there were plot twists just for the sake of it, to spice things up. Of course that is what plot twists are all about, they gave the show a new setting, perhaps more urgency, more drama, more something. But here it all just seems so natural, it all seems to fit.

I did like the characters as well, though sometimes the drama got a bit much for me. To me this felt a bit, if not forced, unnecessary at times. Or at least I was just a bit indifferent towards it at times. But at other times I was glorying in the drama and loving every second of it. I just think that certain parts in their moral and romantic dilemma’s are better than others.

This is a TV show that is based on a book series, and I have read the first two. But I have to say that the books and the series are pretty much as different as you can get while still sharing the same name. The only thing the two have in common is the names of the characters as far as I’ve noticed. So it’s definitely not a spoiler to have read the books if you still want to start watching this show. Neither is the TV show a spoiler for the books.

The series is starting the fourth season on October 11 2012. I will definitely be watching this as soon as it comes out.


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