Shatter me – Tahereh Mafi

Juliette is not like other people, she cannot touch people because it causes immense pain to them and might even kill them. This caused Juliette to grow up without friends and without having felt any love. After an incident her parents did everything they could to get rid of her. Juliette is now exiled to an institution where there is no human contact at all. Until she suddenly gets a roommate, Adam.

This book has a very interesting concept on which it is based, the characters work, the writing was very clear. I thought the storyline was a bit predictable, especially towards the ending. What I really liked about the book was the backstory that it offered about Juliette’s life. It gave it a lot more depth and humane feel to it. It ends on a cliff-hanger to get you hooked and ready to read the next book in the series.

The character of Juliette was very interesting, it was from her point of view that the story was written. There were lots of words/sentences that were crossed out, these were things she didn’t want to think/didn’t want to feel. I thought that this gave the reader a very good insight into the internal struggle Juliette must be undergoing. I really loved the character development she has going from when she was alone until she was coming in contact with people. I did find that you only got to know the other characters to a very limited extent.

The storyline was very good, though it was a pretty straight up dystopian to me. Nothing really felt unexpected to me, I never had that “wow, that’s so cool/horrible/exciting” feeling anywhere in the book. But to say that the book was bad for it would be very unfair. I think it’s just pretty hard to be innovative in dystopian books sometimes, or at least it seems that way. So many times the books follow a basic storyline that is present in most dystopians. But all in all I did like the story in this book.

The writing in this book was very good, it was never too descriptive or too lacking in description. It didn’t dwell on uninteresting things, the story kept flowing. If certain things didn’t need to be told, they just weren’t told. This is definitely a good thing in my opinion. I really dislike it when a book tells you everything that happens from early morning until late at night when only two moments on that day were necessary to get the story going.


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