City of Fallen Angels–Cassandra Clare (Part 4 in the Mortal Instruments Series)

So the Mortal war is over, Clary’s mother is finally awake again and about to get married and Clary knows the truth about Jace now. Things seem good as she is finally training to be a shadowhunter. But soon things take a turn for the worse. Tension is again building between the shadowhunters and the downworlders because there are murders of ex-Circle members, but by who? Simon’s mother has also found out he’s a vampire and she doesn’t take it well. A now homeless Simon seeks refuge with Jordan who has his own past that is catching up with him. And even though Clary and Jace are now properly dating, things suddenly start becoming strange as Jace keeps pulling away from Clary. When finally we get to the heart of the matter we find out that Clary might have been at the origin of this now nightmarish situation.

In this book I really was drawn a lot more toward Simon and everything surrounding him. This was very refreshing and still interesting to me. On the other hand I found the whole Jace-Clary drama a bit repetitive from the previous book. Jace is moody and guilt-ridden and has chosen to confide in, you guessed it, no one. I find the whole Clary-Jace love a bit… heavy for teenagers, though they are burdened with lots of history.

I love the new character Jordan because he brings a lot of good conversations and moments with him. I also really like that Alec and Magnus’s relationship is now public knowledge and is now mentioned more regularly. It’s also nice to see that the view points change to a wider variety of characters. This was very refreshing and it definitely kept the story a bit more open and less focused on Clary and Jace, which is a good thing as this just couldn’t really hold my interest anymore.

The story line in this book definitely keeps things interesting. There were lots of turns in the story that kept it from becoming dull. Though at times the pace slowed down a bit because of all the descriptions. But overall the story did keep me entertained and wanting to know how it all ends.

The ending was definitely grand and what a cliffhanger. So I will definitely be reading the next book! I do hope that the next book will also be about the whole range of characters instead of just Jace and Clary. Check out my review for City of Lost Souls next week!

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