Thirteen reasons why–Jay Asher

One day Clay Jensen finds a box on his front porch after he comes home from school. In the box he finds 7 tapes, intrigued he starts to listen to the first of 13 sides. Imagine his surprise when the tapes were made by Hannah Baker, his crush who committed suicide two weeks ago. Hannah made the tapes to explain why she ended her life. Every side of each tape tells the story of one more thing or person who lead her to resort to desperate measures. The tapes are to be passed from one person mentioned on the tapes to the next. Seeing as Clay has just received the tapes, this must mean he is on them as well. But how did he get to be on the tapes?

This book was a very easy read. It did pull me in and I really wanted to find out what finally made Hannah do it. Though I have to say that once Clay’s story had been told my interest faded. Not that it wasn’t good anymore after that, it was just slightly disappointing. I had expected some sort of twist or something exciting, but it turned out to be a let down for me.

What I found the best part and at the same time the most disappointing part is that all Hannah’s reasons are small things. I’m not saying they don’t have big consequences or that they are unimportant, it’s just that all these small things happened and not this one huge thing that just threw her life of balance completely. I liked this because this shows us that every action has consequences, even those that you can’t foresee. It does kind of carry the moral that you should be careful with your actions because you can never know what impact they might have. It just shows how these things can snowball from being something very unimportant to something you just don’t know how to deal with. But in a way I guess I was hoping for something special or spectacular, which is why I was sort of disappointed. But in the end I liked it just the way it was.

I did find there to be very limited character building, but in a way I didn’t really miss it all that much. I was much more interested in the why than anything else. Of course you got to know Hannah, but only in a very limited way. It was the same with all the others, they were all pretty one-sided characters because we only got to see their part in the story of Hannah’s suicide. But this didn’t bother me at all, it’s just more something that I noticed.

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