City of Glass–Cassandra Clare (Part 3 in the Mortal Instruments Series)

So there finally seems talk of a cure for Clary’s mom. But in order to obtain the cure Clary will have to travel to the city of Glass, the home of the shadowhunters. Clary breaks the law when she enters the city which is only one of the first things to go wrong; Jace doesn’t seem to want her there, and Simon is now in jail. Soon Clary finds out more about her family history in the place where it all began. On her quest to beat Valentine, Clary meets a likely ally in Sebastian. And in a time when a war draws closer with every minute, it’s never bad to have a lot of allies right?

This third part of the Mortal Instruments series is just as good as the previous two. Cassandra Clare keeps this book right on par with them, story-wise, character-wise and suspense-wise. The flow of the book is still the same, it just keeps you wanting to know more. The switching point of view just keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat the whole book through. The story is still as great as it was at the beginning of the series and stays interesting.

Finally we get to see Idris, the city of glass. This was very nice because I had been longing to see it ever since it has been mentioned. Sometimes I found there were a bit too many descriptive parts in the book, not that I ever skipped any, but sometimes I was tempted to.

The characters are still the same as ever, and just as always you can see where they are coming from. I love any part of the book where Simon is involved, I just really love him best of all. I also liked how we get a bit more into the whole shadowhunter world. because now we’re in a place where they can just all be themselves without having to hide their true nature.

I love the war! It was very well done, there were some really good twists in there as well. Some things I definitely didn’t see coming at all! Then the build up to the ending was just great, though I have to say my wish would have been a bit more carefully chosen and less rash. I do love the ending a lot, how it’s a very open ending.

The series could definitely have stopped here but I am exited to read about the next adventures these teenagers will be having.


Next week: City of Fallen Angels

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