City of Ashes–Cassandra Clare (Part 2 in the Mortal Instruments Series)

Clary’s supernatural story continues in this second book in the Mortal Instruments Series. Downworld children are being murdered and drained of blood. Clary’s mother is in a magically induced coma. Clary knows her father is the one stealing the Mortal instruments. Having now found out that her love interest, Jace, is her brother changes the whole game. Will Clary be able to put turn a passionate love into one fit for siblings? And can she do this while handling the disaster that is overwhelming her life? And what is to become of Simon who has finally declared his love for her and has taken a liking to the night?

This was a worthy sequel to city of bones. The story didn’t slack off, it had a very good pacing just like the first book in the series. It didn’t feel like a lull in between important books. In a way it felt very similar to the first book in the way that it has the same sort of flow, Cassandra Clare is a very consistent writer. This is something I really appreciate, especially in series. It brings uniformity to the series, which makes it feel more like a whole.

The emotions that are being portrayed in this book seem so very real to me. Yes, sometimes it’s a bit angst-y, but weren’t we all a bit angst-y during our teenage years? The characters in the book are just so relatable, as I said while reviewing the first book. Sometimes I think “this is not the way I would react” but it still seems like a plausible reaction. And that’s a great thing about this book, it just keeps you engaged. if I can’t relate to the characters or even phantom why they would act a certain way, I quickly start losing interest. 

City of ashes definitely has its own storyline with a side of world development and lots of drama as a delicious topping to finish it off. The characters still stand strong and stay true to who they were in the first book. The adventures didn’t feel forced, it was all very believable. It’s something that could definitely happen if we lived in a world full of downworlders. I really liked the further world development as well. It’s always really interesting to find out all these new things about such an interesting world. You just don’t want it to happen all at once. Cassandra Clare is really good at knowing when to give some information and withholding it at other times. She just leaves you wanting to know more without feeling totally unsatisfied.

This book definitely got me pumped to read the next book in the series, which is yet another plus for me. I love it when you get so sucked into the story and the world that you just want more!

Next week: City of Ashes, the third installment in the Mortal Instruments Series!

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