City of Bones–Cassandra Clare (Part 1 in the Mortal Instruments Series)

Clary is just a regular high school girl, or at least that’s what she thinks. One night when Clary’s out with Simon she is a witness to a murder committed by three teenagers no one else can see. Who are these people and where did they come from? Not long after that Clary meets one of the teenagers again and he, Jace, takes her to the institute. There she finds out about demons and demonhunters and that she witnessed the slaying of a demon in the club. That evening Clary’s mom is kidnapped by demons and soon Clary and her best friend Simon are pulled into a world within their own on a quest to save her mother. Jace, Alec and Isabelle, who are some of the demonhunters that live in the city, help them on this crazy adventure that is more dangerous than Clary could have expected.

The idea of a world of which we don’t know anything about even though it is right in our midst definitely speaks to the imagination. Wouldn’t it be so cool to find out that your neighbor is a warlock or perhaps a werewolf? But not only is this a very fun idea, it’s also very well thought-out. Everything surrounding the world of the demonhunters fits perfectly. There was never a point in the story where I thought “hmmm, this just doesn’t seem to fit into the story”. I also liked how Clary didn’t just get a whole history lesson in the start of the book, she just kind of had to “roll with it” sometimes because she just had no clue what was going on. Or if she did get some information that it felt like it was too much all at once. I know that some people might not like it that way, but to me it just felt more real that way, information doesn’t always tend to come in carefully dosed packages. Sometimes you know nothing and suddenly there is an information overload.

This book was action-packed and never felt boring. Once I got into the story there was no stopping me, I just had to read until I knew how it ended. The story jumps from one dangerous situation to the next. And even though the book is pretty action-based it does not lack in the dialogue department. There were times when I definitely laughed out loud, mostly at things Simon said. The dialogue just felt very real to me and not at all forced.

The characters in this book were very fascinating. They all seemed real, none of them over the top or underdeveloped. Even though the demonhunter teenagers were a bit more mature most of the time, due to their upbringing as a demonhunter, they too struggled with humane feelings every other teenager feels. If these characters were to walk right out of the book they would easily blend in with other teenagers.

To me this book was all that I expected from it. It gave me action, believable characters and good dialogue. It was great, especially if you have the next book close by so you can just keep reading more. Next week I’ll review the next book in the series!


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