Fever–Lauren Destefano (Part 2 in the Chemical Garden Trilogy)

Rhine has escaped together with Gabriel, now all she needs is to get home. But this is easier said than done. Life outside of the mansion isn’t easy, especially when your crazy father-in-law is trying to track you down. Will Rhine get back to her brother?

For me this book was as good as I hoped it would be. I especially liked this book because it didn’t just feel like the connection between the first and last part of the trilogy. Things actually happened in this book, and in an interesting and captivating manner. This book could definitely stand on its own, which is definitely something I want in a book that is part of a series.

I loved how Rhine was looking forward to escaping so much in the first book Wither and now that she’s finally done so reality slaps her in the face. Getting out was the easy part. The way home is anything but easy and it just felt very realistic to me. I always expected there to be problems on the road home and Lauren has definitely delivered in style. I would have liked the book a lot less if the way home had been a breeze.

Being out in the open also puts whatever Rhine and Gabriel have to the test. Can they withstand the pressure that the outside world puts on their relationship? Things become a lot murkier in the real world, away from their own little bubble in the mansion. This too felt very realistic to me, or perhaps this is just how I would have written it. A drastic change in scenery always puts stress on any kind of relationship, even if it had been clearly defined before they got there.

This book just leaves me wanting to read the next book in the trilogy rather sooner than later. I cannot wait to find out how Rhine’s story will come to an end. I will definitely be reviewing the last installment of the series when it comes out.

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