Wither–Lauren Destefano (part 1 in the Chemical Garden Trilogy)

In the future a cure for every disease has been found. The new generation that has received this cure live a happy and long life. Until they realize that their children die at a very early age, 20 for girls and 25 for boys. They die at the hands of a fever for which there doesn’t seem to be a cure. Suddenly girls are being stolen of the streets, either to be sold into prostitution or to be one of the many wives of a young and rich husband. Rhine is one of the girls who is taken away from home and shipped to her new husband, Linden. Along with two other brides Rhine is held captive in a huge mansion where dark secrets lurk in the basement with the creepy father-in-law in charge.

This book was very much to my liking. The pacing was right, the writing was creative, the storyline was good and the dystopian world was interesting. I simply could not put this book down, it was such a captivating story. All of the above mentioned factors just came together perfectly in this book.

The pacing was not too slow neither too fast. I never had the feeling that I missed something because I was just getting an overload of information. But I never felt like skipping ahead just to get a move on the story either.

I really liked the writing, it just made it easy to get sucked right into the world. I could easily imagine how horrible it would be to live in this house where you were being kept against your will. Just like I understand how she sometimes felt as if it wasn’t too bad.The only thing that bothered me sometimes were the slight repetitions (stating again that they died of the fever, etc.).

This world in which the new generations die so young is very interesting. Because it has the pro-nature followers (those who think the human race should just die out) just like there are people who desperately want to save their children and the human race with them. I also really liked the concept of Rhine being stuck in a house where she could have everything she wanted except for the thing she wanted the most, her freedom.

Rhine is a very relatable character for me, she handles much like I would have done if I had found myself in this horrible situation. She wasn’t needlessly rebellious nor extremely compliant. Rhine’s relationship with her sister wives were very interesting as well, they were all married to the same man and because of that they were all stuck in the same situation, though each wife handled it differently.

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