Matched – Ally Condie (Part 1 in the Matched Trilogy)

Cassia lives in a world where nothing is yours to decide. Every choice is made for you, where you live, what you eat, what your job is. But most of all it tells you who to love. Cassia is about to attend the Matching banquet and couldn’t be more nervous. This will tell her who she will spend the rest of her life with. She turns out to be matched with Xander, a boy who lives in her street. It’s rare to be matched with someone you know, and Cassia could not be happier to be matched with her best friend. But when she wants to view Xander’s data on the microchip there seems to be an error.

I really liked this book, it had a nice pace to it, the writing style was very beautiful and most of all the story was good. Yes, it’s yet another dystopian, but it felt new. I think this might have to do with Cassia and her unique view into her world. It’s very nuanced which I found very interesting. Usually there is this huge tipping point in dystopians, where the character stops viewing their society as all good and certainly starts viewing it as all bad. Cassia has doubts and conflicting feelings about everything that happens.

The idea behind the tablets is very intriguing and I love how this book centers around the green tablet, the second about the blue tablet and the third about the red tablet. It just sets the tone for the second and the third book, because it gives you a slight insight about what will happen then.

What I also found to be a strong point is that in Matched the ways of the society are a little less secretive than they usually are in dystopians. Usually it’s all about finding out how the society keeps you in check and that is one of the bigger plot points of the book. Here Cassia finds out things about the society from an Official, it doesn’t start with a conspiracy theory which eventually will be proved to be true.

This book is clearly setting up for a sequel, but this time I have less of an issue with it. It’s just because it’s not the obvious sequel where they have rebelled and escaped, the society has fallen or something like that. Cassia’s life has just been torn apart and changed forever, but within the realms of the society. The next book will obviously be about getting back to the boy she loves, in this society that is still intact. I will definitely buy and read the sequel, which cannot be said about every book.


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