Looking for Alaska – John Green

Miles is attending a boarding school for the first year this year. His roommate, the Colonel, soon becomes a good friend. But at this boarding Miles also meets Alaska. She’s a unique young girl who’s also a little bit screwed up. Soon they become a tight knit group of friends. And then something unthinkable happens. This book tells the before and after of the tragedy.

John Green’s unique style is of the captivating variety. This book instantly draws you in. The writing is simply beautiful, it’s descriptive and conveys emotions so well. Somehow he manages to describe emotions that we’ve all felt before but never really have been able to put our fingers on.Everyone who has been through puberty knows how complicated things can become. Suddenly you have these feelings of which you don’t know what they mean or how you should act because of them. Life is not as easy as it once was, back when you didn’t know such feelings existed.

This book is great in showing an inner struggle of a young man, how complicated feelings can get and what it feels like not knowing. It gives such eloquent descriptions of feelings many writers have failed to get in writing. As an aspiring writer myself I envy the way in which John Green is able to express the feelings of his character.

Though the book is centered around a horrible event, this does not mean that the book is sad through and through. It’s one of the aspects that makes this book so good, how fast things can change, almost in the blink of an eye. It’s not just sadness and confusing that John Green does well, he can also flip to the other side and write about a joy so real that it becomes  tangible.

I found it really great how you knew something was going to happen, because the chapters were counting down the days. You just didn’t know what you were counting towards, but the closer you got to “D-Day”, the more crazy your ideas became. And then it happens and it blows your mind, together with the minds of all the characters in the book. And then it’s a matter of what comes next, what comes after the moment you can’t even wrap your head around.

I found this book amazing and I definitely recommend it to everyone who hasn’t read it. Yes, it’s a Young Adult novel, but let this not be a restriction. You will only miss out on something incredibly amazing.

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