The Killables – Gemma Malley

In a world were everyone is labeled and treated accordingly, Evie is a B. This is the second best letter you can have. A of course being the best rank, followed by B, C and D. D means you’re dangerous and that you could pose a threat to society. There is a fifth label, but people with those are never seen. It’s the K label, and it stands for Killable. 

Evie lives in a world were they believe evil can be eradicated by a simple operation, simply taking the evil part out of the brain. But Evie has always been wondering if something didn’t go wrong during her operation, since she just can’t seem to find her way in the system. Together with Raffy she defies the rules of society. But she is set up to be married to Lucas, Raffy’s brother. The two brothers are opposites and Evie cannot imagine a life with Lucas, but she can with Raffy. Then the worst happens, Raffy is turned into a K.


I really liked the book, the idea behind it was very good even though it was pretty basic dystopian. But It was great that the writer didn’t take forever to build up this world. It wasn’t just pages on end, talking about how this world is right now (this is a common mistake in dystopians) . It just went straight into the story, with just enough information to understand the world around Evie.

Evie was a real character, she acted and felt like someone very real. It was very easy to identify with her. I also really liked that she did not feel at ease in this new society that has been built up around her. She has trouble finding her way in this very unnatural system, while everyone else makes it seem so easy. I also really liked her rebelliousness that was present from the start.

The two brothers, Raffy and Lucas, were very interesting characters as well. Raffy is a very impulsive boy who cannot hide any emotion he is currently feeling; on the other hand there is Lucas, who seems to have no feelings at all. When at first you think Raffy has it straight and Lucas is oblivious to the situation around them, this changes throughout the book. And it just starts dawning on Evie (and you) that you might not know Lucas and who he really is.

The plot moves quickly and the book reads very easily. It’s not cutting back on descriptions or anything, it just doesn’t go on descriving anything for a multitude of pages either. Gemma just gives you the information you need to understand the story and to continue it (while others get so caught up in explaining how the world works, looks and feels).

What I really liked about this book is that you get some insight in how this new system was created. You find out where the idea came from and the background about how this all started. This is something that I find really interesting and which is often skipped over. It was great to find out that this didn’t start with an evil thought but actually with a good thought. It just ended up being corrupted and a failure.

Sadly enough, this book is also clearly setting up for a sequel. I will read it, because I like the book. I just find it sad that the dystopian novels often seem in need of sequels. Why not just write a longer book and just be done with it? But as i said, I will read the sequel because I really like the book and the story. I am very excited about finding out what happens next.

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