One Tree Hill – Mark Schwahn

One Tree Hill has finally come to an end this year, after 9 seasons. So let’s see what it’s all about. 

Two boys are born only a couple of months apart. they have the same father but different mothers. One Tree Hill follows their rivalry, friendship, brotherhood and the eventful lives of the people around them. It all starts back in high school with teenage drama concerning crushes and broken hearts. But nothing will be as it once was with all that happens during these crazy years. 

So, I have watched all nine seasons of this series. I really liked the series, I thought it was a cool twist to skip four years at the start of season five. This allowed for a lot of room to create new intricate problems. Though I will say that I liked the last seasons less and less. I mostly kept on watching them because I was so attached to the characters, instead of being so intrigued by the plot.

Peyton was one of my favorite characters in the show, I liked her personality and her taste in music. I think she would most likely be my friend out of the whole cast if they were all real. Though I really did like Brooke as well, just because she was so perfectly bitchy(at least in the earlier seasons). I did like Lucas as well, though in his younger years he’s a real douche to girls. Nathan is a douche too, but he becomes a real nice guy after he starts dating Haley. The series really got a lot less interesting for me after Lucas and Peyton left the show.

The whole Dan and Deb storylines where not really ones that I cared for. I did like Karen and Keith, so it’s not like I hate the adults in the series. I was just not very into Dan and Deb drama. I really liked Brooke’s mom as well, though I would probably hate her in real life. I also thought Karen was a great mom, always having good advice on hand it seemed.

Sometimes I think about this show and what it would be like if this really happened to these people. How unlucky would you have to be to have all these things happen to you in a span of about 13 years? I mean, people get shot, houses burn down, people die, marriages break apart, people go to jail, people become broke, etc. Just imagine that this was really your life, how crappy would your life be? Stalkers lurking behind every corner, creepers with bad intentions in every shadow, bad things happening to all the people you love. It’s definitely not a life I want.

All in all I did really like the show though I do thing that it got a lot less interesting towards the end. I did feel that it went on just a bit too long, I could have done without the last two seasons probably. And I would have done the last episode a bit different. I would have ended with the Gavin Degraw song and leave out all the things that happened after that. But that’s just my personal opinion.


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