The five people you meet in heaven – Mitch Albom

This is the story about how Eddie dies on his eighty-third birthday. The next thing he sees is heaven, but it’s not the heaven he was expecting. Heaven is not just a place where you end up after you die, it’s a place where five people explain certain aspects of your life to you. These five people have some connection to you or your life and have had a certain impact on it. Together they guide you toward understanding your life on earth. 

I have to say that I really liked this book. It’s not a book filled with religious talk, there’s no endless yammering about God and all that. It’s about Eddie’s life, how it was and why it was that way. I really liked that the people Eddie met in heaven weren’t always the ones who had a big part in his life, or at least not to his own knowledge. It reminds you that even small things can affect someone’s life.

I liked the parts about Eddie’s birthdays. It was a fun way to talk about the passing of his life. It was also very nice that every time Eddie was about to meet someone new in heaven, there was a bit of background story about Eddie relating to the person he was going to meet. It was always enough information to get into the whole situation, to get the feeling of Eddie’s life at that moment. Yet it never felt forced.

This is a very interesting view on heaven. Though I don’t really believe in heaven, it’s a nice thought that your life would be explained there. That it’s not just a space where you hang out, infinitely. Everyone also has their own heaven. It’s different for everyone. So it’s not just the Garden of Eden or something similar. Everyone has their own personal heaven.

The writing was really amazing. It’s very down to earth, yet still thought provoking. It’s not like Mitch Albom is just feeding you his ideas, he just wants you to think about life, death, heaven. Sometimes there were just certain sentences that stood out, and were just really beautiful. I’ll finish this review with one of my favourites.

“Scenery without solace is meaningless. ” –  Mitch Albom


4 thoughts on “The five people you meet in heaven – Mitch Albom

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