Another earth – Mike Cahill

Rhoda has just gotten into MIT and is celebrating. On the intoxicated ride home she hears that scientists have discovered a new planet. Rhoda is looking at the new planet when suddenly she crashes into another car, killing a mother and child. Four years later Rhoda gets out of jail and wants to make it up to the surviving husband/father. In the meanwhile the new planet has been donned the name Earth 2 seeing as it’s an exact replica of Earth. Soon there will be a space shuttle heading for Earth 2, and there is a contest running for civilians who want to join this mission. 

This is a very silent movie, there is no excess dialogue, no action scenes. It’s a movie about feelings that are being left unspoken. About coming to terms with what has happened and how to go on with your life. And all the while everything is overshadowed by the many possibilities Earth 2 holds. It’s a very interesting concept and I really like how this movie isn’t about some alien invasion. Earth 2 is actually not really the main plot of the movie, it’s just a vat full of possibilities. I found this very good, because aren’t there enough alien invasion movies already? It’s great that this movie shows how finding out about this new planet has effects on Earth, on the life you already have.

I really like that this movie shows that some things can just happen, without you wanting or expecting it. And I found that it was true to reality, in the sense that it wasn’t over the top. It wasn’t the kind of story that only takes place in movies. It shows a story about redemption, guilt and grief. This is a movie that doesn’t tell the story in dialogues, it let’s you fill in many things on your own. Yet it’s not like there isn’t a defined plot line or story. It’s definitely there. It’s just not being spoon fed to you.

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