Delirium – Lauren Oliver (Part 1 in the Delirium Trilogy)

In the future people consider love to be a disease which needs to be cured. The cure is given to everyone who turns 18. Everyone within the city limit is separated from different sex people unless you have received the cure. There is talk of Invalids, those who have not been cured, living in the Wilds (every piece of uncontrolled land between recognized cities), but are these people real? Lena is only a couple of months away from her 18th birthday and therefore the procedure is also coming closer. Lena is looking forward to the cure, because she is convinced that this is the only way that she’ll be happy and find a partner. But then she meets Alex and everything changes.


I really liked the idea that love could be cured and was considered a disease. This made for a very interesting world. This world was also made very tangible by the quotes at the start of every chapter. These quotes were from books propagandizing the cure and things like that. But during the story itself, especially in the beginning of the book, there is a bit too much talking about how the world works. It just goes a bit too slow.

In a way I disliked Lena a bit, because she’s just so eager on getting the cure and how she’s so naive. But in a way this made everything so much better because then when she met Alex it made everything a lot more interesting. Plus I guess it’s also cool that for once the main character is the greatest rebel right from the start. I really liked her cousin Grace. How she was kind of rebelling in her own way, even while being so young.

I did find that sometimes it was a bit easy to see where the plot would go, and especially the ending was sort of predictable. I also dislike the giant cliffhanger setting up for a sequel. I’ll probably read the sequel because all in all I did like this book, I just find it sad that so many dystopian books are written to be part of a series. It’s becoming sort of a hype I guess. It’s not that I have something against sequels, but sometimes I feel like it could just be kept into one book and be done with it.


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