Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins (Part 3 in the Hunger Games Trilogy)

Katniss is in District 13 after escaping the arena. This District was believed to have been eradicated during the previous revolution( which led to the Hunger Games). Under the reign of Coin the people in District have been kept on a tight schedule in an underground base. But now that Katniss is here, the time for a revolution has come. Katniss is made the mockingjay, THE symbol of the revolution. 

The writing is still as fast paced as in the previous two books and it just keeps you wanting more. This book is action packed with lots of casualties. I really liked how some people got a really non-heroic death (contrary to popular opinion in some cases). It might seem strange that I like this about the book, but to me it just makes it more real. In a time of war, people don’t all die a heroic and beautifully moving death. Sometimes they just die. Like most other casualties in war. I understand that some people wanted some more meaningful passages about some of the people dying but that just not how war works, people die and there’s barely any time to grieve. You snooze you lose, or even die during a war. I also found it very refreshing that Suzanne isn’t afraid of killing of people. I have always liked writers who kill the people they need to kill without thinking of how much it might shock the fanbase. There is nothing I dislike as much as characters being kept alive because the fanbase might otherwise be shocked/disappointed.

I found the change that took place in Gale so real, how he becomes this sort of leader in the revolution, how he is swallowed alive by these thoughts of defeating Snow and the Capitol. Because this happens very often in the real world. People are so focused on getting things done, making the revolution happen that they sometimes lose sight of their own morals.

I had a really hard time with the whole Peeta situation, because he was no longer the sweet guy we all used to love. But then again: all is fair in love and war. This is definitely war and here goes the same thing that I said before, I like writers who know what needs to be done. That characters don’t need to be spared just because they are at the hub of the story.

I really liked this book, though I liked it less than I did the others. It probably has something to do with the ending feeling really rushed. The end to the whole love-triangle situation was only very briefly explained which I found a bit disappointing. After three novels of this love situation I think it deserved a slightly more elaborate ending that it received. I had the sense that Suzanne just got tired of writing about it and just tied up all the loose ends as quickly as possible.

So as I said, good book, but less great than the previous books in the series.

3 thoughts on “Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins (Part 3 in the Hunger Games Trilogy)

    • O you really should! Enjoy :)
      By the way, can I ask your opinion about the movie(Hunger games) if you have already seen it? I’m just curious if my view is somewhat shared or if i’m alone in not really liking it….

      • I liked it, cause it met my expectations, even though I disliked the casts. But I have a friend who didn’t like it either, so I don’t think you are alone.

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