The Hunger Games (the movie) – Gary Ross

So, if you don’t know what this movie is about, I direct you to this blogpost  which explains the plot of the book on which this movie was based. Be warned, minor spoilers will be present in this review. 

To start of this review: I was really disappointed! This story has so much potential, and it just failed to live up to any and all expectations. There were so many things that I was looking forward to in this movie and it just left me so unsatisfied. Sometimes it just felt as if the people involved in making this movie just skimmed through the book or read a spark notes review of it. The whole of the movie just didn’t make a lot of sense, I can imagine that if you haven’t read the book that you’ll have a tough time following the movie.

In the books Katniss is this badass chick, never showing how scared or overwhelmed she is, she just powers through anything the Capitol throws at her. In the movie however she is a clumsy girl, pretty much tripping over her own feet and crying all over the place. It was just very disheartening to see the strong heroine she is in the book be transformed into a typecast of a scared little girl who can’t keep her emotions in check.

The whole love situation between Peeta and Katniss wasn’t all that present, I would even say as much that it wasn’t really present at all. There was no connection there, not at any point did I believe that they were supposed to be in love. The cave scene which is supposed to be endearing and showing that they will save each other and will look out for each other, just felt really rushed. No romance at all. And the “storytelling” just didn’t feel right either. The stories weren’t finished and it felt like there was no point to them. I wondered why they even bothered putting them in the movie as they barely made any sense.

Another thing that really bugged me were the dresses, they just weren’t what they were supposed to be. The first dress was supposed to be fiery, as in, very fiery. However we were placated with weird black suits and a little bit of fire trailing behind Katniss and Peeta. I imagined that they would be covered in fire, enveloped in fire, but no, just a little bit of fire, trailing behind them. the second dress was supposed to be very sparkly, and when she twirled it was supposed to look like fire. But no, let’s make it not that sparkly at all and just put some real fire on it. All the dress choices on the other tributes were also disappointing because they just weren’t wow enough.

There were also some things in the movie which were so random, or were only showed for such a slight amount of time they could just as well not have been there. the training for example, we rarely saw any of that, and we didn’t see Peeta or Katniss do anything (except for that throwing thing Peeta did, which didn’t happen in the book). And suddenly Peeta doens’t want to train together anymore, no explanation, or even any separate training to be seen (nor any training together for that matter). The interview’s were not as they supposed to be, and Peeta’s confession was just a let down. Where was that view of Katniss as she was trying to hide her blushing cheeks?

There were some good things, I liked how they let Ceasar explain some of the things going on in the arena, like the trackerjackers. I also liked how they showed how much control the Gamemakers had over the arena and the games in general. I liked how the Capital looked so very futuristic. I have to say that I found the scene with the Reaping the best scene in the book, though it was a bit slow to my liking (it took forever for Katniss to volunteer).

So overall I was really disappointed with the movie and even wonder why they made this movie. It was not at all what it was hyped up to be. It felt like random scenes were thrown together, scenes that had no connection to the rest of the movie. Some things were there because they had to be, but without any explanation, so they just didn’t make sense. And where did Cato’s monologue come from? (Of all the dialogue this movie lacked, this monologue we could have gone without).

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