Like Crazy – Drake Doremus

Anna falls in love with Jacob while studying abroad in LA. But after overstaying her student visa she is forced to stay in London and therefore is separated from Jacob. This is the touching story of how their love handles the situation that they are being forced to deal with. 

It’s a really great story, so much different from all the other love stories out there. It’s not simply a story where love conquers all, or even where love destroys all. It’s about that time when love both conquers and destroys everything. It’s not a very straight forward story, it’s multi-layered and it doesn’t focus on all the “big moments”. Because love is not defined by these so called big moments, it’s defined by those moments in between, the ones that eat away at you while you can’t sleep.  This story isn’t being put into logical lines of thinking, because love isn’t logical. This is a movie that should be understood by your heart, so much more than it should be understood by your brain.

The acting work is really perfect for this movie/story. The acting is so fragile, so real that you almost believe this was real. Some things just get complicated and it’s hard to deal with that, and sometimes you just don’t want to deal with it. And the actors have portrayed this so well, they show what is going on beneath the surface, they show the struggle, the love, the cracks in their ideals.

I do have to say that sometimes I got lost in the story, because there were never any time stamps. You never knew when things where happening. In retrospect it became more clear though, and in the great lines of things the time stamps really weren’t necessary. It’s just that at a certain point in the movie I thought they kind of had a flashback, but soon enough I realised that it wasn’t a flashback. The reason I thought this for a moment was the lack of big moments, it sometimes made it hard to follow their relationship, because you never knew if they were together or not, or sort of. But there was always some scene that revealed their status quo. So my tip for you: just watch it all the way through, even if you get confused, just ride it out and things will be a lot more clear in hind sight. And I think that’s also a really nice touch to the film ( even if it wasn’t on purpose) but it’s the same in your own life. Things always become much more clear once you look back on it, but when you are in the middle of it all, it’s just so confusing sometimes.

To end this review I’m going to quote a little piece of the review by the guardian because I thought it was really true.

 “The person you met at college need not necessarily be The One. But what if he or she is The One? Are you wasting your life with anyone else?”

You can read the full review by the Guardian here:


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