Catching fire- Suzanne Collins (Part 2 in the Hunger Games Trilogy)

This is the second book out of the Hunger Games trilogy. After Katniss gets through the Hunger Games. But when she comes home she finds her life to be very different. Most of all, the bold and daring move she and Peeta pulled in the arena has not gone unnoticed and warrants a visit from president Snow himself. Apparently there are some slight uprisings in other districts and the president threatens Katniss into trying to subdue the districts on her tour through them. After the tour of the districts it’s time for the next Hunger Games. But these are the 75th Hunger Games, which makes them a Quarter Quell, meaning the Game makers up the ante for these games. As a twist Katniss is reaped once more. Can she survive another round of the Hunger Games?

This book was as good as the first book in the series. It has avoided the horrible fate of so many sequels. The book holds its own. The writing is still good and as captivating as ever. The story line was still very interesting due to the twists. The characters are the same as we remember them from the last book: intense, very in depth and most of all, real. They didn’t suddenly change their behavior to suit the need for a more interesting story. The twist in the story line keeps things fresh enough and doesn’t necessitate new character quirks.

The new arena is very interesting, as is the whole Quarter Quell dynamics. All the tributes know each other, or have at least heard of each other. This creates a weird bond between them and brings many different and difficult choices with them. Now they don’t have to kill faceless, nameless people; this time they have to go in with acquaintances or sometimes even friends. How can you fight those you have known for so long? Suzanne really did a great job in making the characters have actual responses to these problems. What I did find a tiny bit disappointing is that we never found out what the other parts of the arena did, but that’s just something very minor.

All in all this was a great follow-up to the Hunger Games. It also ends on a huge cliffhanger, leaving me (and probably all other readers) wanting for more. (I’m very grateful I only started reading these books once they were all published, I don’t know how I could have stood it to wait for the next book in the trilogy)Actually, it’s not only the book that ends in a cliffhangers, it’s more like every single chapter ends on a cliffhanger. Every time you turn that last page of a chapter, you know you’ll be sucked right into the next chapter, there’s just no escaping it’s pull! It’s a book I read in one sitting, and rightly so. Though I look forward to rereading the series, more at ease (less driven forward by the desire to know how it ends!)

Soon: The mockingjay review


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